band saw vs circular saw style sawmill

Can we consider a redesign here with a band saw instead of circular saw?

I have seen some discussion given to considering a band saw design here instead of a circular saw design.

Band saw mills have clear advantages over circular saw mills. First, a thinner kerf. The kerf is the width of material that is removed and converted to sawdust by each cut. Band saw mills have much thinner kerfs. Secondly, in the same stroke, a band saw mill produces much less sawdust. We’re talking the difference between a small pile of sawdust and a large mound for a single rip cut. I have not found sawdust in volume to be a useful feedstock for any other process besides preventing plant growth due to its high surface area and nitrogen-hunger.

I currently own a 36” chainsaw mill which is closer to a circular sawmill in terms of sawdust production and kerf size, and I would switch to a band saw without batting an eyelash if I could afford it.

I do not know of any relative disadvantages of band saw mills over circular saw mills but I would like to hear about any that you may know of.

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