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[* black] ***Interior sheathing for module 3a***
+[* black] 1: 1/2"x4'x8' Plywood Sheet
[* black] Cut the 17 degree angle on the piece by marking the two vertical distances and snapping a guide chalk line to connect the two. Use a 7-1/4"circular saw to make the cut.
[* black] Keep the excess plywood for [add plywood use here]
[* black] Place the plywood on edge along the bottom and left (taller vertical) edge to create a 3/4" gap on the right side for the previous module to attach to. The top overhang should be 1.5" to cover the top plate that will unify the modules during installation.
+[* black] Fasten the 1/2" plywood to the framing using 1-5/8" coated deck screws around the perimeter and interior studs @ approximately 16" spacing.