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[* black] ***Exterior Sheathing for Module 3a***
+[* black] 1: 3/4"x4'x8' OSB Sheet
[* black] Cut the top of the OSB sheet by marking the vertical distances up each side and measuring out 3.5" at a right angle (using a square) from the higher point (5' 3-3/4"). From this point snap a chalk line to the lower vertical point (4' 2-1/8"). Use a 7-1/4"circular saw to make the cut.
[* black] Keep the surplus OSB for [add use here]
[* black] Align the sheathing with a 3-1/2" overhang on the left and a 6" overhang from the bottom plate. The offset will create 3/4" gap on the right side for the previous module to attach to. The top overhang should be 1.5" to cover the top plate that will unify the modules during installation. The bottom overhang will cover the width of the bond beam.
[* black] Fasten the 3/4" OSB to the framing using 1-5/8" coated deck screws around the perimeter and interior studs @ approximately 16" spacing.