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+[title] Welding
+[* black] With the pin held in, tack the tubing on the top in place.
+ [* black] Make sure the tubing is pressed up against the cylinder, that is that its as far into the hole as possible.
+ [* black] Youll want to tack it in many places before welding around it, at least 8 on each side.
+[* black] Tack it as best you can on the bottom by hanging the frame off of the table and overhead welding. Again, insure the tubing is pressed up against the cylinder.
+[* black] Remove cylinder and pin, as well as the two crossmembers.
+[* black] Fully weld the tubing on both sides. Jump around a lot to minimize any warping on the tubing.
+ [* black] Block the insides of the tubing so no spatter goes inside. Big washers work well for this.

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