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+[title] Tack the Spacers
+[* black] Note: You not welding them because when you stretch the frame, it may "move" their location.
+[* black] With the frame laid down, and one of the drawer members under it to support the spacers, place the spacers on each side.
+ [* black] The end of them is to be 7 1/32" away from the upper cross member. Look at the diagram.
+[* black] Insure they are parallel and flush with the U-channel and C-clamp in two places for each.
+[* black] Tack them on this side in 3 spots.
+ [* black] You may need to grind this off later, so make sure the tacks aren't longer than 1/4" or so.
+[* black] Flip over the frame and tack the other side.

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