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+[title] Tack the Lower Press Foot to the Cylinder
+[* black] Stand the cylinder up vertically and prop it up using some sort stand so it is as close to square vertically as possible. Another option is to support it using some sort of rope.
+[* black] Place the tubing at the end of the shaft inside of the hole in the lower press foot.
+[* black] Insure the cylinder is square to the plate in all directions. [|See video.]
+ [* green] Since there is a lip on the cylinder, its hard to tell if it's square unless you use two squares, one on the lip and against the other one which rests on the table.
+[* black] Tack the lower press foot from all accessible dimensions.
+[* black] Insure the cylinder is still square with it, if not, remove the tacks and fix it.

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