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[title] Place the grate and bolt it to the hopper supports
[* black] Get a friend or two and lift the grate on top of the hopper.
[* black] The front end (with the slots) should be as shown, and the grate should be inside of the hopper on the other side (the side with the nuts).
[* black] Have your friend hold the grate in place for the next step, or use C-Clamps to clamp the grate to the supports.
[* black] Bolt the grate to the hopper supports (1/2"x 2.5" bolt and lock nut). Bolt both loosely, and then tighten them.
[* black] You'll need 2 washers on each side, as the holes are slots and a 1/2" washer will be too small to prevent the washer from warping. Use a 3/4" washer as the other one.
[* black] You may want to use a large nut in place of a washer on the hopper support side. (see photo)

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